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Wild Hudson Valley was founded in 2013 to teach about the rich history and environment of the region in a fresh, new way. Our walks, workshops, forest farmed products, and camping bring the past into the present and inspire others to become stewards of our planet.


What others have to say...

Our family stayed at the Eco Camp and were blown away by the care and detail Anna and Justin have put into creating a welcoming and meaningful stay. The facilities are new and pristine and include a beautiful bathhouse and wonderful interpretive center (the kids particularly enjoyed the games). The programming they offer throughout the stay really connects you with the other likeminded people staying and deepens your knowledge of the local area and its environmental and social history. We stayed during a particularly hot weekend and the beautiful cool creek was a lifesaver. The kids will not forget catching fireflies in Anna's childhood bug catcher. We are inspired by the work Justin and Anna have committed themselves to. 


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