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We offer a variety of consultation services for properties.

If you are interested in seeing your land in a new light, we would be happy to explore it with you! We can walk your woods with you to explore what species are present, give recommendations for best management to enrich your native biodiversity, assess your property for forest farming potential, or look deeply into the parcel's history.


Bringing the Past and the Future Together

We regularly visit properties throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskills to help land owners to better steward their property. We have the experience and resources to explore regional history on a micro-scale. We also can give recommendations on a wide range of topics, including wild-simulated ginseng (and other herb) cultivation, growing long-term native perennial fruit crops, and mushroom production.

Detailed Property Maps

We have been creating habitat assessment maps since 2013, and we would be happy to make a personalized map of your property!

Maps can be part of a published report that includes recommendations for land management, lists of plant and animal species observed on the property, and a detailed history of the land use on the property and in the locale as a whole.



How does a land assessment work?

A typical site visit ranges from one to four hours, depending on the acreage of the property and on the goals of the property owner. Before our visit, we conduct an initial assessment of the property's underlying geology, forest cover, topography, and historic record. On the day of the site visit, we provide a written report that includes this research, management recommendations, and a list of observed trees and plants. We charge $200 for the first hour (this covers initial research time and driving) and $100/hour for additional time after the first hour. We usually walk the land with the owner or steward of the property, but we are also happy to visit on our own. If a client asks for a more detailed report (including maps), we can usually have one ready within one to three weeks.

Interested in hiring Wild Hudson Valley for a land assessment?

 Please contact us here!

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