We teach a range of skills related to the land.

From historic indigenous lifeways and land-use practices to modern foraging and forest farming skills, Wild Hudson Valley's classes dig deep into the region's past and connect it to today. 


Guided Walks

Join us for weekly guided nature walks that explore everything from native medicinal plants and indigenous hunting customs to traditional fishing methods and ancient star lore. Our walks move at a leisurely pace and run from one to three hours.

Forest Farming

From growing ginseng and other woodland botanicals to alley cropping and inoculating mushroom logs... we teach it all! With years of experience managing the largest agroforestry farm in Eastern North America, Anna and Justin are intimately familiar with the latest innovations in land stewardship. Each Saturday of the summer, our guided walk includes a tour of our ninety-five acre forest farm and sanctuary. Throughout the year, we also offer hands-on workshops designed for aspiring forest farmers, see our events calendar for dates and details.


Native Lifeways Classes

For a hands-on experience, join us on Sundays for one of our native lifeways workshops. Each week's topic can be found on the Events Calendar. Example workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Corn Harvesting and Processing

  • Bark Container Making

  • Gathering Herbs to Make Salves

  • Gathering and Making Natural Dyes

  • Traditional Firemaking

Acknowledging Indigenous Roots

For those wishing to learn more about traditional native culture and natural history in the Hudson Valley region, Wild Hudson Valley is the premier institution. Justin has spent most of the past two decades deep in archival and ethnographic research on the Munsee and Mohican peoples who call the region their ancestral home. We work to connect the past with the present, and also teach about contemporary Mohican and Munsee communities and their efforts to preserve their beautiful languages and culture.


Nature Walks and Workshops


Where are these walks and classes held?

During the summer, we hold walks and workshops each Saturday and Sunday at our Farm and Sanctuary in Cairo, NY. Throughout the year, we collaborate with other organizations to lead walks all throughout the Hudson Valley (see our calendar for details and details).

Interested in hosting us for a custom walk or workshop?

We often get requests for private walks and workshops, and we are always looking for new organizations to collaborate with. Please contact us to get started.  

Upcoming Events