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Justin Wexler

A life-long resident of the Hudson Valley, Justin has devoted his life to sharing his love for the natural world. Obsessed with nature from his earliest years, he has spent most of his life either in the outdoors or in his research on local history and ethnoecology. He has studied local Algonquian languages, history and folklore for two decades, culminating in a soon-to-be-published book that is a veritable encyclopedia of local indigenous practices and customs. He has nineteen years of experience as an environmental educator, and currently co-manages one of the largest forest farming projects in the United States, American Ginseng Pharm. He has a BA in History and Anthropology from Marlboro College in Marlboro, VT; a Professional Certificate in Environmental Policy from Bard College and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Bard College.


Anna Plattner

Anna Plattner grew up in the Hudson Valley, spending much of her time in the Catskill Creek watershed, where she fell in love with her natural surroundings. She obtained a  BS Cum Laude in Natural Resources at Cornell University, and gained experience working at the Greene County Cooperative Extension and Agroforestry Resource Center and at numerous local farms. She soon became the general manager of the largest wild-simulated ginseng farm in the world, American Ginseng Pharm, where she has been a leader for seven years. Anna leads walks and workshops focusing on ginseng and agroforestry, and co-leads walks and workshops with Justin on an array of topics. She has a wealth of knowledge in local ecology and forest farming practices and a friendly, infectious enthusiasm that will persuade anyone to fall in love with our environment.

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