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Area Attractions

Explore the Hudson Valley & Great Northern Catskills

While Eco Camp programming is sure to make for a fun-filled weekend, there are so many nearby places to hike, shop, dine, and experience. Our camp is a short drive from great local breweries and restaurants. Here are some of our favorites!

Nearby Towns To Visit

Catskill, NY

Distance by Car: 15 minutes

Catskill has plenty of unique stores, excellent restaurants, and breweries for those wishing to go out for the afternoon and evening. The mouth of Catskill Creek is visible from many parts of town.


Athens, NY

Distance by Car: 20 minutes

Athens is across the river from Hudson and has its own small town charm. Located right on the banks of the Hudson River, there are excellent dining options, especially for those who enjoy eating with a view of the water.


Windham, NY

Distance by Car: 21 minutes

Windham, which is best known for its ski mountain, is also a fine place to visit, with good dining options, lots of trailheads, and quirky country stores. And the drive there has gorgeous views of the mountains and Hudson Valley.


Hudson, NY

Distance by Car: 22 minutes

Hudson is one of the most charming small cities in the entire Hudson Valley, with seemingly endless boutiques, cafes, restaurants and historic houses to view and explore. There are also beautiful views of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River from many points in the city, which is surrounded by orchards and farms. Stop by Kitty's Market (near the Amtrak station), a unique market and restaurant that is a pickup location for our Wild Harvest CSA boxes.

Sharing Food
Food and Drinks

Old Factory Brewing Company

Distance by Car: 3 Minutes

Address: 628 Main St, Cairo, NY 12413

The Old Factory Brewing Company is just down the road and has excellent beer and pub-style food for those looking for somewhere nearby.

Cutie's Sweets & Treats

Distance by Car: 3 Minutes

Address: 618 Main St, Cairo, NY 12413

The perfect place to go on a hot summer afternoon! Cutie's Sweets & Treats has a vintage icecream shop vibe and a selection of extravagantly gourmet milkshakes.


Bulich Creekside Farm

Distance by Car: 9 Minutes

Address: 1682 Co Rd 23B, Leeds, NY 12451

This nearby little self-serve farm stand is open seven days a week. Their produce is excellent, especially their sweet corn! The drive takes you along the fertile floodplains and forests of the Catskill Valley.

Gracie's Luncheonette

Address: 969 Main St, Leeds, NY 12451

Distance by Car: 11 Minutes

Superb food with locally-sourced ingredients. Almost everything is made in the restaurant (including the hamburger buns and ketchup!).


Mountain Brauhaus

Address: 430 Winter Clove Rd, Round Top, NY 12473

Distance by Car: 14 Minutes

Excellent German food and beer in a charming atmosphere. Visit the Round Top area for a number of great traditional German restaurants (Mountain Brauhaus is not the only one!). There are frequent festivals and live music (multiple Oktoberfests every year) in this traditional German resort area.


Left Bank Ciders

Address: 150 Water St, Catskill, NY 12414

Distance by Car: 15 Minutes

Located in downtown Catskill, Left Bank Ciders has amazing, complex ciders made with an ever-changing variety of local heirloom apples. They are one of the pickup locations for our Wild Harvest Box CSA subscription!


Crossroads Brewing Company

Address: 21 2nd St, Athens, NY 12015

Distance by Car: 19 Minutes

Good beer, great food, and sometimes, live music!

Culture & Entertainment

Greenville Drive-In

Distance by Car: 11 minutes

Address: 10700 NY-32, Greenville, NY 12083

For a nostalgic summer evening, we highly recommend the Greenville Drive-In! They even make homemade ice cream sandwiches, other snacks, and cocktails.


Olana State Historic Site

Distance by Car: 20 minutes

Address: 5720 NY-9G, Hudson, NY 12534

This historic site has incredible views of the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. The tours of the magnificent house itself (and the art that it contains) are excellent enough, but the trails and views alone make the site worth a visit.


Thomas Cole House National Historic Site

Distance by Car: 14 minutes

Address:  Spring Street, Catskill, NY

Thomas Cole was one of the finest painters of the Hudson River School. Many of his paintings of the Catskill Mountains produce a feeling of nostalgia and lonesome wildness that is unique to Cole's work. He also painted our beloved Catskill Creek a number of times!



Blackhead Mountain Range Trailhead

Distance by Car: 12 minutes

Address: Storks Nest Rd, Cairo, NY 12473

The trailhead at the end of Storks Nest Road is a good place to park for a long day hike up into the high Catskills. The trail goes through ancient hemlock forest and dense thickets of mountain laurel and climbs to the top of the Escarpment. You can go to Stoppel Point or climb even higher to reach the balsam fir-capped summits of the Blackhead Mountains (near 4000' in height). On the way, Arizona Mountain has beautiful views and abundant mountain ash. If you are going to hike this trail, be prepared for a long, exhausting, and extremely rewarding day!


Elm Ridge Wild Area Parking Area

Distance by Car: 16 minutes

Address: Elm Ridge Parking Area, NY-23 & Cross Rd, Windham, NY 12496

This parking area gives hikers a range of options for exploring the northern Catskills. Shorter hikes go through beautiful forest, beaver swamps, and bogs, but one can also hike up to Windham High Peak. The view on the drive alone makes the trip worth it!


Cohotate Preserve

Distance by Car: 16 minutes

Address: 450 NY-385, Catskill, NY 12414

Trails explore an array of habitats on the banks of the majestic Hudson River. This is a good place to go to get really close to the Hudson.


RamsHorn-Livingston Audubon Sanctuary

Distance by Car: 18 Minutes

Address: 109 Dubois Rd, Catskill, NY 12414
This remarkable protected area includes a large network of channels in pristine tidal swamp and marshes that can be explored with a canoe or kayak. The diversity of plants is lush and beautiful. The sanctuary also has plenty of foot trails through different forest habitats and wetlands, including a large observation tower. Look out for bald eagles, ospreys, fish crows, muskrats, marsh wrens and huge snapping turtles!


Kaaterskill Falls & Catskill Escarpment

Distance by Car: 28 Minutes

A visit to the region is not complete without a drive up Route 23A. This scenic road travels up the rugged, steep gorge of Kaaterskill Clove, winding past trailheads for iconic vistas, including famous Kaaterskill Falls and many viewpoints on the Catskill Mountain Escarpment. On the way, stop by Story's Farm to get great fruits and vegetables or food and drinks from Rip Van Winkle Brewing Company. A few minutes farther drive takes one to Tannersville, an iconic Catskill Mountain resort town.

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