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Our Farm and Sanctuary

Visit us!

Wild Hudson Valley stewards ninety five acres of diverse forest, meadow and wetland. Each weekend throughout the summer, we invite visitors to learn first-hand about innovative forest farming techniques as well as ancient indigenous land use practices. For an even more immersive experience, visitors can stay overnight at one of our eco-campsites


Stewarding the Land

Since 2016, Wild Hudson Valley's land has been a United Plant Savers-certified botanical sanctuary. Over the years, we've planted nearly 200 species of native plants across our farm and sanctuary. We actively remove invasive species to preserve and protect the habitat in which our native plant communities thrive. Many of our herbs and produce can be tried in our Wild Harvest Box subscriptions

Forest Farming

Over the years, Anna and Justin have cultivated 250 acres of wild-simulated ginseng and other herbs on properties throughout the region. On Wild Hudson Valley's farm and sanctuary, our polyculture farming techniques - including alley cropping with a focus on native perennials - are a living demonstration of a viable Northeastern agroforestry operation.


Nature Trails

Our network of nature trails includes a variety of habitats, including old growth floodplain forest, meadows, freshwater wetlands, and upland habitat. Some of our trails include interpretive signs to help our visitors better read an ever-dynamic landscape with a rich human and natural history. Trails are only open to registered camping guests and visitors signed up for nature walks and workshops. 

Ancient Farming Techniques

We grow a wide variety of rare, heirloom indigenous varieties of maize, beans, squash, sunflowers and herbs. We have also planted nearly 200 species of medicinal herbs, shrubs, and fruit-bearing trees. With our careful stewardship, we provide herbal teas and wild foods to our guests and through our Wild Box subscriptions.

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