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Udate: Fall 2023 roots are sold out. Check back in summer of 2024 for pre-sale on fall 2024 root transplants.

Description: Wild-simulated ginseng roots from our forest farming locations in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. These roots are carefully hand-harvested for transplanting and are a minimum of five years of age. Root transplants are a great way to introduce mature ginseng to your woods without the long wait for seedlings to mature. Many of these roots will produce three-prong plants with berries in their first year after transplanting. Our ginseng is grown in a wild-simulated setting, meaning that we plant seeds in ideal wild ginseng habitat and allow the plants to grow as if they were wild. We do not till or amend the soil in any way, we never spray fungicides or herbicides, and our production methods far surpass organic standards. This method of growing ginseng is not common, as it requires time, patience, and a great deal of risk, as ginseng is a slow-growing plant that is very susceptible to disease and predation by wildlife. For comparison, the vast majority of ginseng on the market comes from cultivated ginseng grown in shade-cloth operations in Wisconsin and Canada. In these settings, ginseng plants are crowded and stressed and even with regular applications of fungicides, the plants rarely survive more than five years. As far as we know, we are one of the only wild-simulated farms selling our own fresh ginseng roots for transplant.

We harvest roots as the plants go dormant during the last three weeks of September, and to maximize transplant success, orders will ship out just after harvest. Roots should be planted in an appropriate location as soon as possible after shipment is received. To maximize transplant success, we do not clean or wash these roots. Our mountain soil is free from invasive plant species and jumping worms, so you do not need to worry about spreading invasive seeds or worm eggs to your forest. For information on growing wild-simulated ginseng we highly recommend a free download of The Practical Guide to Growing Ginseng by our late mentor Bob Beyfuss. We have planted over 250 acres of ginseng over the years, and if you would like us to assess your land for ginseng growing potential or teach you how to grow this magical plant, send us an email and we can arrange a consultation.


Note: These roots are of harvestable size and can also be used in teas, extracts, or other herbal remedies.

Wild-Simulated Ginseng Root Transplants

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