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Update: We are SOLD OUT of fall 2023 ramp bulbs, but check back next summer to pre-order your fall transplants.


Descrption: We are fortunate that our forest farm has many acres of large populations of wild ramps. Our transplants are harvested from these populations (we can find them easily at this time of year, since they are mature and produce seed heads that mature around this time). For sustainability, transplants come from subdivisions of clumps that contain 10-20 bulbs growing against one another. Our technique is to harvest a clump and then replant a few bulbs from each clump to reduce competition and maintain active growth. Note that bulbs harvested at this time of year have a papery sheath around them (the are alliums, after all!). To maximize transplant success, we do not clean or wash these bulbs. Our mountain soil is free from invasive plant species and jumping worms, so you do not need to worry about spreading invasive seeds or worm eggs to your forest.  


For guidelines on growing and planting ramps, check out this short publication (even though this is from NC, the general guidelines are the same - we are just a few weeks behind in terms of weather). To reduce transplant failure, it is best to get transplants in the ground as fast as possible. We will ship out the bulbs within a few days of harvest, and we recommend you plant them soon after receiving them. Keep bulbs in the fridge until planting. 


PS These ramps DO NOT have leaves, as they are harvested when the plant is dormant. Because this is our first year selling ramp trasplants, the photos included here are from this past spring.

Wild Ramp Bulb Transplants

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