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Stratified Ginseng Seed! We have sourced our seed from the same farm in Canada for over ten years, and they consistently provide quality, disease-free seeds. Ginseng has "live" seed, meaning that the seed respires and must be kept moist from the time you receive your seed until planting. Seeds will begin shipping in early September. The seeds you order this year MUST be planted this fall, as the seed will be ready to germinate naturally in the spring (we find that in the Northeast, this is typically in sometime in May). We store seed outdoors in moist, sterilized sand until shipment in order to minimize fungal pathogens and allow the embryo to develop naturally for proper germination. We are happy to provide planting instructions with every order, though we recommend you read The Practical Guide to Growing Ginseng by our late mentor Bob Beyfuss, as ginseng is a picky plant and has specific growing requirements. We have planted over 250 acres of ginseng over the years, and if you would like us to assess your land for ginseng growing potential or teach you how to grow this magical plant, send us an email and we can arrange a consultation.


400 to 450 seed per ounce, 6,400 to 7,200 seed per pound


Shipping price varies depending on weight of order. All orders $100 or over shipped free!


** For orders larger than 5 lbs, please email us to ensure that we have the necessary seed inventory. 

American Ginseng Seed

  • Please click "Add a Note" when placing your order and let us know which month you'd prefer to recieve your seed. Keep in mind that the longer your store your seed in a plastic bag, the higher the risk of fungal pathogens spreading throughout the seeds. It is best to wait to have your seed shipped until just before your planting date.

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