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Eco Camp Schedule

A nature camp for all ages...

​Each weekend, we offer a variety of outdoor experiences designed to get you closer to nature and connected to the rich history of the Hudson Valley. 


Weekend Itinerary

Friday evening at sunset: Welcome Campfire

Twilight is a time of transition and magic. Join us and your fellow campers for stargazing, storytelling, and s'mores around the fire!

Saturday 6:30 AM - 8:00 AM: Early Morning Birdwatching

Getting out into the forest at this time is magical! We'll identify birds by sight and sound and explore their role in local ecology and in Northeastern native folklore.

Saturday 10:00 AM -11:30 AM: Guided Woodland Walk

Learn how our native wild plants are traditionally used for food, tools, fiber, dyes, and medicine. We’ll explore the floodplain forest of the camp with a focus on how local native people lived with the land five centuries ago. Connecting the past to the present, we’ll also talk about modern ecology and about contemporary Lenape and Mohican communities and their efforts to preserve their beautiful languages and culture.

Sunday 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM: Meadow & Horticulture Walk 

Learn how Hudson Valley indigenous people thrived on these lands and how we can thrive on them today with sustainable agricultural practices. We visit our on-site cultivation area and explore topics ranging from Eastern Woodlands crops to wild-simulated native herb cultivation. Depending on the season, guests might get to bring herbs or mushrooms home with them!

Other Presentations/Workshops

On most weekends, we host additional programming on a variety of topics, including local native history, ecology, and plant medicines. The timing of this programming varies from weekend to weekend; see our events calendar here for more information.

Dates & Availability

Our camp opens on Memorial Day weekend and closes on Indigenous People's Day (i.e. Columbus Day weekend) each season. During that time, we are open Thursday to Monday each week. Because so many people can only get away for a typical two-night weekend, our programming begins on Friday evening and ends on Sunday. For those with time constraints, we understand if you can't attend every program throughout the weekend. And for those who can extend their visit, we highly recommend a four-night stay to allow for plenty of time to relax and enjoy the campground, as well as to explore the many historic towns and scenic areas nearby.

Special Workshops

On select weekends throughout the summer, we host hands-on workshops. Topics range from shiitake mushroom inoculation and mushroom identification to medicinal plants and herbal salve making. Occasionally, these workshops are led by guest presenters and are part of a themed weekend. We are especially honored to host workshops led by Hudson Valley native descendants when they visit their ancestral homelands from their contemporary communities in Oklahoma, Ontario, and Wisconsin. 


Check our Events Calendar to see whether there is a special workshop or themed weekend during your stay.

Camp Program Gallery

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