Guided  Nature Walks

Our guided walks are not your average nature or foraging walk. We focus on how local native peoples lived off of the land and on the impact that the land had and continues to have on their language and folklore. Much of our knowledge comes from years of deep research into Delaware and Mohican Indian language and culture.

We provide a comprehensive and holistic experience in the natural environment, focusing on both visible nature itself (such as birdwatching or overturning stones to find interesting invertebrates) and on the history of the human relationship with the environment (with an especially strong emphasis on local indigenous land use and folklore). On our walks, we also emphasize contemporary environmental issues and make notes of the effects of invasive species, forest fragmentation, and climate change.

If you are interested in laying on the forest floor listening to the calls of warblers, in tasting the fruits of the mayapple plant, and in watching the sunrise over the Hudson River on a spring dawn, then come with us to explore our natural world.


While many of our walks are public, in conjunction with land conservancies and non-profit organizations, we also lead private walks for both individuals and organizations. To organize a walk of your own, contact us here.

Wild Lowbush Blueberries, Taconic State Park

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