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Wild Hudson Valley

A historical interpreter for over a decade, I portray a native person of the Lower Hudson Valley (the Munsee Delaware peoples). I have studied the Delawaran (Lenape) and Mahican languages since I was in high school, and have a good understanding of Algonquian languages. My background in ethnohistory and my deep research into both Delaware cultural and material life has allowed me to fluidly portray a Munsee person of the past, and my persona can reflect any decade between the 15th and early-19th centuries. I can make classroom visits, and may also occasionally be found at historic sites and at reenactments.


I am not of native descent, and my work respectfully honors the native descendants of those who once lived along the Hudson and Delaware Rivers. If you are interested in learning about the contemporary Delaware and Mahican peoples, see the websites provided on the links page.

Historical Interpretation

Mid-18th Century Formal Dress

Bringing pelts to market, 1740s