Workshops and Presentations: Working with the Land

With a combined twenty five years in environmental education, a full-time career managing the largest forest farm in the country, and a lifetime of experience in using native plants, Anna and Justin spend most of their time working with the local environment. They bring their passion and enthusiasm for the natural world and for our local history from the outdoors to the classroom.

We hold classes and workshops on subjects including plant uses, Mohican and Munsee folklore, and practical skills, such as how to grow American ginseng and other native plants.

For a schedule of classroom presentations and workshops on forest farming, edible and medicinal plants, and native history and folklore, see the events calendar in the menu above. Interested in hiring us for a specialized (or general) ethnobotany walk, workshop or class? Contact us and we can arrange a time.

Examples of Seasonal Workshops


Gardening with Native Perennials; Sustainably Harvesting Wild Leeks (Ramps);  Birdwatching and Native Folklore


Stargazing and Native Folklore; Edible Wetland Plants; Harvesting Wild Fruits


Ginseng Production 101; Fall Fruits and Nuts


History of Native Land Use (Indoor Class); Tracking in the Snow; Maple Sugaring; Mushroom Bolt Production

Anna inoculating bolts for mushroom production.

Freshly harvested wild leeks (we only harvest bulbs sustainably, of course!).

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