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Biodiversity Assessment: 

Helping the Property Owner to Make Environmentally-Sustainable Choices

As parts of the Hudson Valley are increasingly developed, it becomes increasingly important for property owners to have their land assessed so that they can make responsible decisions regarding future use of that land.
     We live in a fragile environment in which seemingly-small alterations to a landscape can have major impacts on that land's biodiversity : the diversity of species that exist on that land and are a measure of its health.
     Our work incorporates a number of services that include monthly land assessment to gain an idea of that land's biodiversity (everything from plant species to amphibians and bats), assessment of invasives and any kind of contamination, and potentially, soil analysis. Subsequent reports contain -- in addition to species lists, colored photos and detailed maps -- recommendations for how the land owner can best use that property sustainably and encourage that property's health.

     The process may take as long as a year, and I charge between $100 and $200 per monthly site visit and $200 for the final report. We can negotiate the price based on land size and location.


Please e-mail justin@wildhudsonvalley.com for further inquiries.

Mature Oak-Tulip Forest