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Land Assessment: 

Seeing Your Property in a Different Light

There are ways to take care of your property that increase biodiversity, protect the land, and provide side income through forest farming. We can professionally assess your property and provide you with a full report and maps, all catered to what you need. We offer several kinds of assessments that can be catered to your land, including ginseng cultivation, biodiversity assessment, and general land stewardship:

Forest Farming

If you are interested in stewarding your property and in making extra income by farming wild-simulated ginseng, mushrooms, and other herbs, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. We have many years of experience that we would love to share with you.

Wild Lowbush Blueberries, Taconic State Park

Wild Lowbush Blueberries, Taconic State Park

Our dog, Maya, asleep on the job.


We steward nearly one hundred acres of diverse habitat on our sanctuary, located between the Catskill Escarpment and Hudson Valley. We also help run the largest wild-simulated ginseng farm in the world. Our combined experience makes us the perfect team to assess your land, map it, and prepare you to farm your forest. We also provide ginseng seed and select herbs (this depends on the property).

Biodiversity Assessment

Justin has written biodiversity assessments for multiple properties, and gained much of his knowledge through Hudsonia, Ltd. Our biodiversity assessment incorporates a number of services that include monthly land assessment to gain an idea of that land's biodiversity (everything from plant species to amphibians and bats), assessment of invasive species, and soil analysis. Subsequent reports contain - in addition to species lists, colored photos and detailed maps - recommendations for how the land owner can best use that property sustainably and encourage that property's health.


The cost of property asssesments depends on the particular assessment, the land size and location.


Please contact us with any inquiries.

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